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Shadow Me - Print

Beautiful Things by Diana Patient

One day you decide to follow her and photograph her–the sky was beautifully clear that morning. You get up at 4am and wait. You see her and you leave the building and cross the road. She is half way over the stones when you press the shutter of your camera. She turns her face slightly but you don't know if she has understood you are following her or if she is nervous because the whole world is watching her and it always has been. Today she is wearing a large heavy sheep skin coat with a the shape of a figure cut out at the back or is it someone’s shadow? Or is it your shadow? You follow the trail of fluttering chiffon, you look into her window at dusk and you stalk her in the shadows of the City of light.

- Photographer of Dreams talk, Diana Patient

Self-Portrait in Paris for Angharad Probert's collection The Secret Public.



Giclée print.

Fine art print (200gsm) A museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matt finish.